IP-PBX Provider in Hyderabad India.

Mobiad Solutions is the IP-PBX Provider in Hyderabad. We Provide IP-PBX from Major brands like Dinstar, Synway, Grandstream etc. 

IP-PBX Provider in Hyderabad India-Mobiad--Solutions


VOIP Technology brings in IP-PBX which is cost effective, user friendly, easy to integrate and add multiple extensions. An organization can add as many extension it wants.

Advantage of IP-PBX

More over organization can connect to multiple cities and long distance users simply over the internet at cheaper cost. It is user friendly that can be moved or serviced quickly. It has got more advance featured like Call Recordings, Voicemail , CRM Integration etc.

Why IP-PBX is preferred?

  • IP-PBX is user friendly. Any user knowing basics of computers can connect and manage the IP-PBX
  • IP-PBX can add many extension without any hassle.
  • IP-PBX can connect to multiple cities and countries through Internet IP Protocol.
  • IP-PBX has some advance features as well such as Intercom Solutions, Call Recordings, Voice mails, CRM Integration etc.
  • IP-PBX is cost effective compared to PBX Technology.
  • IP-PBX Connects multiple IP-Phones on LAN through IP Address makes internal calls Free.

Dinstar IP PBX Provider in Hyderabad India.

Mobiad Solutions is one of the best IP-PBX provider in India. Mobiad Solutions  provides IP-PBX from Grandstream, Dinstar, Synway and other Brands. IP-PBX are available for small Offices as well as large enterprises. For Small Offices we have 10 to 30 extension and for Big Organization we have upto 2000 extension supported IP-PBX.

For more details kindly call 6305122946 or send mail to sales@mobiadsolutions.com

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